A dress with dramatic sleeves, that can be worn in a multitude of ways.Style it off the shoulder or on, for a square romantic necklineThe big sleeves connect with the body of the dress, making is airy and comfortable, perfect for those late summer nights. Wear the sleeves long, or push them up for and extra volume. Made in organic cotton poplin, she is lightweight but certainly makes a statement Made to Order 
This dress is Made to order, meaning production starts when you press buy,we have a 10 work day production time, before shipping process starts
choose between our ready made sizing or choose made to measureand we will use your specific measurements for the dress, this also means that if you need extra length, or similar ajustments we can accomidate that

Mellow Marshmellow Dress

kr 1.650,00Pris

Our styles are designed to fit a spectrum 
The fit varies slightly from style to style so be sure to check your mesurements in our chart with each style, for best possible fit. 

The Mellow Marshmellow dress has a wide and oversize fit, with a lot of width, the standart size dress fits op to an XL
We reccomend Made to mesure if you are over 108cm around your waist, or if you know you specifically need a bit more room for your chest or maybe longer or shorter length, so we can accommidate you.

Mellow Marshmellow dress  sizing

Size  S-XL      
Waist  108cm      
Dress length
from shoulder

If you fall out of the ready made style sizing we you love if you could send us a note to oddlemoncph@gmail.com so we know to expand the production according to demand :)